ante diem quartum Idus Decembris MMXXIII


Why Musrum?

In the 1950s and early 1960s I used to listen regularly on the radio to The Goon Show. In the early days I would listen on an old valve radio with headphones because it was on the radio in the evenings after my bedtime. I just loved the zany humour of Spike Milligan in particular.


In 1968 soon after the BBC Home Service became BBC Radio 4 I was listening to a book programme and they read some of Musrum by Eric Thacker and Anthony Earnshaw. I HAD to have the book! So off down to Foyles to buy a copy. It cost me thirty shillings and I still have it – a first edition.

And so I decided to use the name for my website. Like the book, it has some sort of a thread running through it but also has lots of unconnected ramblings. There are some notes on Wikipedia: Anthony Earnshaw

The copyright of his material is retained by his second wife Gail Earnshaw who also owns the website:

I look for you in my heart, but alas
The heart I have is not my own.
My fingers run through my hair,
But they come back empty-handed.

I found a copy of The Sunday Observer colour supplement from 1968 on eBay. It has an article about Anthony Earnshaw. I have transferred it into a PDF file which can be downloaded from this page: CLICK HERE

“ MUSRUM owns all the trees in the world. We should be grateful that he does not take them away as is his prerogative.”
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Decimal Currency

A celebration of the day when the United Kingdom moved from pounds, shillings and pence to Decimal Currency

Decimal Day
“ Every hour, on the precise stroke, trains leave Moscow bearing MUSRUM and his relations in tears.”
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